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Singer Kanye West has compared reading to eating Brussels sprouts.

West was a guest on Alo Yoga’s “Alo Mind Full” podcast when he said he has never read a book in his life and that he prefers talking instead.

“I actually haven’t read any book. Reading is like eating Brussells sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.”

The corn ravioli reference is an ode to a famous pasta dish served at Giorgi Baldi, a restaurant in California.

West also admits that he doesn’t like to read long text messages, saying that he only reads the first and last sentences of long text messages.

He shared that one of his biggest frustrations is when people expect him to speak proper English in order to gain respect.

“It’s the Tower of Babylon. English, y’know. The idea of having to speak correct English, like, you’re not going to respect what I’m saying, even though you know what I’m saying, unless I’m speaking correct English.”

He compared having his speaking corrected by others to being pulled over by a traffic officer and having to do an alcohol test.

West’s Donda Academy recently came under fire for asking parents to sign non-disclosure agreements when they enrol their children. It’s not clear whose children attend the private school named after the singer’s late mother.

Image credit: NME

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