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Football star David Beckham joined the rest of the public to pay his respects to Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state.

Beckham was spotted queuing with members of the public when someone recognised him. Photographers and TV crews were soon all over the place as they tried to get a shot of the .

Some of the people waiting complained that nosy folk flocked to see the star and made the queues even longer since they were trying to take photos of the star.

When approached for an interview by Sky News, Beckham shared his thoughts.

“We all want to be here together and experience and celebrate the amazing life of our Queen. I think that something like this today here together is meant to be shared.”

He joined the queue at 02:00 thinking it might be quieter at that time.

“I thought by coming at 02:00 it was going to be a little bit quieter. I was wrong. Everybody had that in mind.”

“There were people here of all ages. There was an 84-year-old lady walking around. There was a 90-year-old gentleman walking around. Everybody wants to be here to be a part of this experience and celebrate what Her Majesty has done for us.”

Beckham stood in line for several hours before he entered along with the rest of the public. Only MPs were given special preference and allowed to skip the line.

Image credit: CNN

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