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If you’re getting married to a massive pizza fan, stipulating just how often you can eat pizza is a big deal. Especially when you’re getting married.

Shanti Prasad has been described by her friends as “a pizza freak” and they decided to step in with a fun contract when she got married to her college sweetheart Mintu Rai.

They created a “contract” with some rules that the newlywed couple has to follow.

The very first rule is “only one pizza per month”. That’s because Shanti is known for eating pizza whenever she gets the chance and always suggesting that they go out for pizza when Mintu takes her out on a date.

Raghav Thakur, the couple’s friend told the BBC that “her love for pizza is second only to her love for Mintu. I think she thinks about pizza in her free time and even in her sleep.”

The couple met in college back in 2017 and the friends who were witnesses to the romance blossoming decided to do something unique to celebrate the happy couple’s union.

They decided to put together a contract with funny things they knew about the couple and because Shanti is so obsessed with pizza, they put it right at the top.

One of their friends uploaded a video of them signing the contract and it has since been viewed more than 45 million times.

Other conditions include that Mintu has to cook breakfast on Sundays, he must take Shanti shopping every 15 days, and can only go to late-night parties if he’s accompanied by his wife.

Shanti has to agree to go to the gym every single day and wear a sari every day.

Image credit: The Mirror

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