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Jennifer Maedge went looking for Christmas decorations but ended up founding her husband’s mummified remains.

The 35-year-old from Illinois, United States described the ordeal as a “total shock”.

Jennifer’s husband, Richard disappeared in April 2022. His body was never found although police searched their home three times.

She went to look for Christmas decorations in a closet beneath their stairs when she discovered Richard’s mummified remains.

Jennifer told People magazine that her husband had mental health problems, but that he had received treatment before.

“He told me that he knew the breaking points, and he would get help. So, this would be the most farfetched of anything, that he would actually go through with this.”

They had been married for 20 years. Richard had three adult children from a previous marriage and he was a grandfather.

Before he died, Richard phoned Jennifer to inform her that he was coming home early from work.

Fox News reports that Jennifer found that Richard’s car was parked outside their house but could not find him. She reported him missing a day later on April 27. Police conducted several searches of the Maedge’s home but were unable to locate Richard.

It’s believed he committed suicide.

Image credit: Turkey Posts English

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