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New Covid Variant Discovered
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Local Tourism Sector Braces For Cancellations
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UK Man Receives R2 000 Parking Fine At Drive-Through COVID Test
Tonga Goes Into Lockdown After First Covid Case
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Facebook Ends Ban On Posts About COVID Being Man-Made
Russia Reports New COVID Death Toll Records
Taxi Drivers Allowed To Claim Once-off Covid Relief
Record-breaking Number Of Covid Cases In Tokyo Since Start Of Olympics
Horse Owners In The US Struggling To Buy Ivermectin
Only 1% Of Global COVID Vaccines Have Been Administered In Africa
Australian Woman Breaks COVID Rules, Gets Six-Month Prison Sentence
The Post Office Is Back In Business
Italian Green Pass Extended To Trains
Minister Ebrahim Patel Tests Positive For COVID-19
Up To 80% Of South Africans Have Had Covid: Discovery
Keep Your Masks On
Omicron Spreading Faster Than Any Other Variant