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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that, so far, 1.3 billion COVID-19 vaccines have been administered around the world. Only 1% of that number has been administered in Africa, and reports suggest that the comparative percentage is rapidly declining.

Vaccine inequality has always been a problem when it comes to Africa and the rest of the world. Access, governments' own failures and logistical issues have always been to blame. With the race to get hold of COVID vaccines, Africa has definitely been left behind, and the vaccine issue has been put under the spotlight.

Doctor Matshidiso Moete, the WHO's regional Director for Africa, has said that, although progress is being made, many African countries have barely moved beyond the starting line.

"Limited stocks and supply bottlenecks are putting COVID-19 vaccines out of reach of many people in this region. Fair access to vaccines must be a reality if we are to collectively make a dent on this pandemic."

Only this week did South Africa hit the 1 million mark. According to Our World In Data, only 1,12 million vaccines have been administered in the country. That equates to 0.8% of the country's population that can be marked as fully vaccinated.

Image credit: Clinical Trials Arena

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