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Martin Brundle is like F1 royalty. The former driver and now commentator is highly respected by all the teams involved and seems to be one of the few people to get interviews from drivers, teams and celebrities during the grid walk.

The grid walk has become a popular event in itself where Brundle walks through the grid where the drivers are lining up to get ready before the start of the race.

With the American GP taking place this past weekend, viewers were probably eager to see not only their favourite drivers and team leaders, but also a celebrity here and there.

The race definitely did not disappoint as Brundle was able to chat with music star Ed Sheeran who was more than willing to share a few words with him.

The 63-year-old Sky F1 commentator also managed to chat with Green Day drummer Tre Cool before he spotted Hollywood legend Brad Pitt on the grid.

Brundle approached Pitt, but the actor did his best to avoid him.

When asked about the new F1-related movie Pitt is currently working on, a seemingly perfect scenario for a great conversation, Pitt responded that he can’t say anything about it yet as it’s “top secret”.

If there’s one thing the two-time Oscar winner can learn from F1 to prepare for his role, it’s that you don’t snub Martin Brundle.

Image credit: Netherlands Posts English

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