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The US Embassy in Johannesburg has issued a security alert around a possible terrorist attack in Sandton.

The Embassy urged its staff to avoid gatherings in the area this coming weekend.

“Terrorists may be planning to conduct an attack targeting large gatherings of people at an unspecified location. There is no further information regarding the timing, method or target of the potential attack.”

In response, the South African government “noted” the warning and said its responsibility is to keep the South African people safe.

“It is the responsibility of the South African security forces to ensure that all people within our country feel safe. We are working hard at keeping our nation and her people safe.”

The government said it continues to monitor the situation.

“We continue to monitor for threats to our citizens, nation and sovereignty. Threats are assessed continuously and are acted upon to ensure the safety of all.”

News24 reports that the alert sparked fears for the LGBTQIA+ community, which is expected to host its Pride Parade in Sandton this weekend. The organisers were unable to comment when contacted by News24.

Image credit: Good Things Guy

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