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On a recent trip to Zimbabwe, DJ Tira lost

his passport and he is now offering $1 000 to the person who can find it on his behalf.

The celebrity DJ was in Gwanda and only realised that his passport isn’t in his bag when he arrived at the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo.

According to Kaya 959, Tira was under the impression his passport must be at the guesthouse where he stayed the night before.

He phoned the guesthouse and employees went to his room looking for it. They couldn’t find it and the DJ is still stuck in Zimbabwe since the incident took place on Sunday.

The desperate DJ then turned to his social media platforms to share his story.

“I was staying at a guest house in Gwanda. I only discovered the passport was missing when I arrived to board the flight on Sunday at 11AM. My flight was at 12:35 in Bulawayo. I blame myself for not checking if the passport was in my bag before I left the guest house, and I was sure it was at the guest house, but when the guest house staff couldn’t find it, I was devastated,” wrote Tira.

Since then, the passport still hasn’t been found. He then returned to social media to offer a reward for anyone who is able to return his passport.

“As I previously stated I lost my passport while in Gwanda, Zimbabwe last week. I’m offering a reward of $1 000 (USD) for anyone who will return my passport.”

Image credit: YouTube

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