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A woman living in the South African town of Umbilo recently received her monthly eThekwini Municipality Bill for her water and electricity consumption for the month, however, when she opened it she was horrified that her consumption of water and electricity had racked up R1,1m of fees within 30 days.

The woman, referred to as Ms van de Venter, said she was then charged from detailed invoices R1 006 174.60 and VAT of R143 837.74 which brought the total to R1 150 012.34. "Although I am in shock I suspect the problem arose when the water department changed my water meter in August. I contacted the ward councillor who calmed my nerves by offering to assist me. I am very worried about this. I do not want to be left in the dark. I have been paying my bills diligently."

The eThekwini Municipality have since said they would investigate the billing issue. The city has been overcharging residents since the controversial Revenue Management System (RMS) was introduced at a cost of R1 billion.

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