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Warnings about cigarettes being unhealthy are about to reach new heights in Canada.

From 1 August a new regulation will come into effect where cigarette manufacturers will be expected to print health warnings on every single cigarette. At the moment, health warnings are only printed on the outer packaging.

Warnings that have been approved so far include “Cigarettes cause cancer” and “Poison in every puff”.

The regulations form part of Canada’s effort to reduce tobacco use in the country to less than 5% of its population by 2035.

Health Canada made an announcement saying the new regulations “will make it virtually impossible to avoid health warnings” on tobacco products.

The regulation was approved after a 75-day public consultation period that was launched in 2022.

Besides the health warnings on the packages themselves and the cigarettes themselves, extra health warnings will also be printed on the inside of the packages.

Carolyn Bennett, Canada’s minister of mental health and addictions said they’re “taking action by being the first country in the world to label individual cigarettes with health warning messages”.

Image credit: CNN

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