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How many people have often wondered what it would feel like to do absolutely nothing but still get paid?

Shoji Morimoto is one of the luckiest men alive because he gets paid to do pretty much nothing.

The 38-year-old acts as a companion and charges just over R1,200 per hour to do so.

Morimoto told Reuters his clients expect him to do nothing even if they’re paying him.

“Basically, I rent myself out. My job is to be wherever my clients want me to be and to do nothing in particular.”

Over the past four years, Morimoto has handled around 4,000 sessions. About 1,000 of these are repeat customers with one customer in particular who has hired him 270 times.

So, what does being a companion mean? Morimoto has accompanied someone to a park because the person wanted to play on a see-saw but didn’t want to be alone. He has also smiled and waved at a person whom Morimoto had to give a nice send-off.

While it might sound as if he will say yes to everything, but Morimoto has turned down some offers before. Once he said no to moving a fridge and go to Cambodia.

“People tend to think that my ‘doing nothing’ is valuable because it is useful (for others)… But it’s fine to really not do anything. People do not have to be useful in any specific way,” he said.

Image credit: Reuters

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