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If you’re trying to stay out of the public eye, then an Italian startup company might have the answer for you.

Facial-recognition cameras are used by authorities and places all over the world, a lot of them without us even knowing.

Cap-able has created a sweater that tricks facial-recognition cameras into thinking you’re an animal.

The design outsmarts cameras without even having to wear a mask.

After nine months of recognition, owners Rachele Didero and Federica Busani launched their Manifesto Collection and it went on sale causing a lot of excitement among fashion-forward techies.

According to Business Insider, the Manifesto Collection uses animal-based patterns to deceive facial-recognition software by using patterns created by algorithms to fool cameras into thinking the wearer isn’t human.

Your choice of adversarial patches will determine whether a facial-recognition camera will think you look like a giraffe, dog or zebra.

One of the founders, Busani, told Business Insider that being watched is a threat to mankind.

“Biometric surveillance is a threat to the freedom of expression, movement, association.”

The Polytechnic University of Milan assisted the founders to patent the fabric in 2021.

The collection’s sweaters, hoodies, trousers and dresses are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Cap-able adheres to the Better Cotton Initiative. The starting price for a sweater is R7,000.

Image credit: CNN

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