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Gacek is an overweight cat who has managed to become the top-rated tourist attraction in the Polish city of Szczecin.

Not only is Gacek a favourite among locals, but he has also received a five-star rating on Google Maps.

The black and white cat has managed to beat out the city’s other tourist hotspots which include a famous Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle that was built in 1346.

Business Insider reports that Gacek’s been living in a covered wooden box on Szczecin’s Kaszubska Street for several years and he gets plenty of snacks from passers-by.

An animal shelter in Szczecin has asked visitors to stop feeding Gacek who lives in a box outside a shop. The workers inside the shop act as his guardians and have recently put up a sign with instructions on what to do if tourists want to feed Gacek.

Any snacks and other edible treats should be left in sealed containers so that they can be preserved and spread evenly over a period of time.

Gacek became famous when he appeared in a YouTube documentary in 2020. Since then, people from as far as Germany have travelled to the Polish city to meet Gacek.

One reviewer on Google Maps said that he was “very fortunate to have come here and meet this distinguished gentle creature”.

Image credit: People

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