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A blogger accidentally received almost $250 000 from Google and waited more than a month to hear back from them.

Sam Curry does work on certain projects for Google, but the amount paid into his account didn’t equal the amount he should have been paid for his services.

He contacted the tech giant and received a support ticket, but nothing else. Even more than three weeks later he still hadn’t received an email back from Google requesting the money back.

So, instead of keeping his mouth shut and spending it all, he took to Twitter to share his experience with the hope that Google will take notice of it and contact him.

Along with a screenshot of the payment, Curry tweeted that Google had “randomly” transferred him $249 999. He said that it had been more than three weeks since he received the money and contacted Google.

“It’s OK if you don’t want it back” he added.

Curry told NPR news that he kept the money for when the company would inevitably ask for it back. To avoid paying tax on the money, he may need to transfer it to another account.

A statement was eventually released by Google saying “our team recently made a payment to the wrong party as the result of human error. We appreciate that it was quickly communicated to us by the impacted partner, and we are working to correct it”.

Image credit: Hindustan Times

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