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If you live 12 kilometres from a Checkers or 16 kilometres from a Woolworths, it would be cheaper to make use of their apps to order your groceries than driving to the shop.

This is according to a Business Insider report.

Having your groceries delivered instead of driving to a shop was usually only for the rich as it was seen as a luxury. Covid-19 made it a necessity and now it’s a preferred option due to the petrol price.

When the petrol price was increased again this week, delivery apps didn’t increase their delivery price.

The Shoprite Group said its Checkers Sixty60 delivery service saves its average customers 33%, at R52.57  to drive versus its R35 delivery fee.

Business Insider reports that standard deliveries from the biggest players that deliver in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, typically come in at two price points: R35 for the likes of Sixty60 and OneCart, or R50 or Woolworths and Pick n Pay’s big-ship option. Pick n Pay also has an “Asap” option at R35. That is what you are most likely to pay for a regular weekly shop.

Checkers recently started a marketing campaign where they’re actively marketing that it’s cheaper to make use of their Checkers Sixty60 app. With a lot of people still working from home, it has also become an attractive option as they try to save on petrol money.

Image credit: Head Topics

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