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Usually, a person would get excited when the seat next to them is empty on a flight. Imagine the excitement when you get an entire plane to yourself.

That’s what happened for Phil Stringer when he caught the 06:30 flight from Oklahoma to North Carolina in the United States last week.

It’s not the original flight or time he booked, but because of storms that hit the area earlier that day, more than 9,000 flights were cancelled, including Phil’s original flight.

Stringer’s flight delay got longer and longer and the flight’s departure time was delayed seven times. Other passengers who were also booked on the original flight either gave up or rebooked their flights.

But Stringer, an estate agent, decided to wait it out.

Stringer’s flight eventually took off at 00:12 on Sunday and he was the only passenger on board.

The airline’s rules stipulate that the entire crew has to show up even if there is only one passenger. This means the crew were phoned at their hotel and asked to get dressed so that the flight can take off.

Stringer filmed his adventure starting with the ground crew calling for “passenger Stringer” followed by the baggage handler confirming he only loaded one bag and ending with the can crew doing their safety demonstrations and serving him on the plane.

Stringer commented that the crew was in good spirits and made the entire trip fun.

Image credit: New York Post

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