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A woman has managed to bring a building project of the whiskey manufacturer, Jack Daniels, to a grinding halt after she argued that she’s facing a plague of a whiskey fungus.

The fungus is known to grow on surfaces near bakeries and distilleries around the world. It is believed that the fungus escapes during the evaporation process. Whiskey distilleries often refer to the evaporation process as ‘the angels’ share’.

Christi Long says the invading fungus has required her to spend thousands of dollars on power washing. She manages an events venue next to the warehouses in the state of Tennessee, United States.

The BBC reports that she is suing the local county zoning office, arguing it did not properly approve permits for the warehouses. Some infuriated locals are now calling for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, which is owned by Louisville-based company Brown-Forman, to install air filters to combat the problem.

A court order has instructed the local zoning officials to bring the construction to a halt as the local county chancellor ruled that the permitting process was incomplete.

At this stage, it’s unclear whether construction can begin again.

Image credit: American Whiskey Trail


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