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For the second night in a row, the Northern Lights were visible over the United Kingdom.

The Northern Lights are known as the Aurora Borealis and were visible from certain parts of England including Devon and Dorset on Monday.

The weather gods played along and created perfect weather so that they were visible as far south as Cornwall on Sunday.

An easyJet pilot flying from Iceland to the UK realised how spectacular the sight is and made a 360 degree turn over the North Sea so that passengers on both sides of the plane could see the lights.

After the experience, several of the passengers on board shared their delight on social media with one passenger tweeting “big thanks to the easyJet pilot of EZY1806 from Reykjavik to Manchester who did a 360 fly by mid-flight to make sure all passengers could see the incredible Northern Lights”.

An easyJet spokesperson told Sky News they were pleased with the captain’s actions.

“We are pleased that the captain on our flight from Reykjavik to Manchester yesterday evening was able to perform a controlled manoeuvre in order to allow passengers to witness an amazing display from the air of one of nature’s greatest sights, the Aurora Borealis.”

Later on, it was reported that a pilot of a Finnair flight did a similar move to allow his passengers to experience the Northern Lights as well.

Image credit: ABC News

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