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A massive snow blizzard has caused a snow blanket to cover the city of Los Angeles.

The blizzard led to the first warning of this type in the city in more than 30 years. The snow wasn’t done falling just yet as the National Weather Service said it’s still expecting more than two metres of snow to hit the mountains surrounding the city.

“We are still on track for our dangerous winter storm. Expect blizzard conditions in the mountains with feet of snowfall.”

The snow warning was also followed by a warning of heavy rainfall.

“A few inches of rain are expected in lower elevations. Be weather ready!”

Due to its moderate climate, Los Angeles isn’t an area prone to snow, but storms in January left large amounts of snow on the ground already so this new storm has just added to the high snowfall in the city located on the western coast of the United States.

With the area not used to snowfall of this magnitude, power lines have been exposed and damaged due to strong winds.

The rest of the country has also been hit by snow blizzards and this has had a massive impact on flights with more than 1,100 flights flying into or out of the country that has already been cancelled.

Image credit: The New York Times 

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