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A freediving couple has taken love to a whole new level… Underwater.

Beth Neale from South Africa and Miles Cloutier from Canada sealed their love with a kiss underwater that awarded them the new Guinness World Record for the longest kiss underwater.

They met 13 years ago through their love of ocean conservation. Neale is a teacher on the topic and an avid free diver while Cloutier volunteered for Neale’s programme.

The couple, who achieved the record on 4 February in the Maldives, said they wanted to “inspire others to fall in love” with the ocean.

The previous record was held by Michele Fucarino and Elisa Lazzaina for 13 years.

Neale said her aim with the challenge was purely based on her love for the underwater world.

“Through sharing our underwater love story, we hope to inspire others to fall in love with the magic and wonder of the underwater world. You protect what you love and the oceans need all the love we can give to safeguard them for future generations to come.”

Even though Neale is a four-time freediving champion and Cloutier is a highly experienced freediver, they both found it very challenging.

It’s no secret that Neale is a massive Eminem fan. She regularly posts videos of herself lip-syncing to the American rapper while underwater.

To get her through the last minute of the kiss, Neale put Eminem’s hit Lose Yourself on… And it worked.

Even the editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records loved this new record.

“What an incredible testament to love – an epic achievement helping to celebrate and protect our beautiful oceans.”

Image credit: Netwerk24

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