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If you’re in the mood for a delicious one-pot meal and you just happen to be in Zagreb, Croatia then BOTS&POTS is the answer.

The world’s only restaurant where you can buy ready-to-eat meals made by robotic cookers has been a hit among local customers. There are about 70 different one-pot meals on the menu and they’re all made by robots.

The only human interaction involved with the cooking is when the devices are restocked with fresh ingredients by a person. The devices add seasoning and oil based on a recipe written by a human chef.

News24 reports that the robotic chef called GammaChef is “taught” digitally how to cook a meal by the restaurant’s head chef, then remembers it and repeats it endlessly. Five robot cookers can each produce four meals in 15 minutes or nearly 100 meals in an hour, the restaurant’s co-owner Hrvoje Bujas said.

Although it sounds like a brilliant idea for those who are too tired to cook when they get home, one of the robotic chefs would sell for 10,000 euros if you wanted to buy one for yourself.

Bujas told Reuters that it was a challenge to get the restaurant up and running.

“It was indeed a challenge to make a ready-to-eat meal from fresh food in the shortest period of time as possible and as tasty as it can be.”

The restaurant has been a massive hit since it opened at the end of 2022 with many customers returning for more.

Image credit: Turistickeprice

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