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An American man was diagnosed with prostate cancer and soon developed an Irish accent.

Although the man has never been to Ireland and has never spoken with an Irish accent, he does have Irish relatives and friends.

The man, in his fifties, visited the doctor when he realised the tone and patterns of his speech changed. This was almost two years after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.

Besides losing weight, the man never showed any symptoms of cancer. His prostate cancer diagnosis was made following a screening. He then underwent two types of hormone therapy and radiotherapy for his prostate and pelvis.

Business Insider reports that three months after the man noticed the accent, he experienced discomfort in his lower abdomen, pain when he peed, and leg pain that came and went. Scans found that the prostate cancer had spread to his liver and bones, and he had a new mass in his pelvis.

Following the hormone treatment, it’s believed that prostate cancer has developed into a rare, more aggressive subtype of prostate cancer.

The man then underwent two rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Unfortunately, his condition rapidly deteriorated and he eventually passed away in a hospice.

Reports have been done following this rare case and the man’s death. Doctors are hoping it will help other patients if it ever happens to someone else again.

Image credit: iStock


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