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Dallas Zoo employees made an unnerving discovery earlier this week when they discovered that two of their monkeys have gone missing.

The two emperor tamarin monkeys are believed to have been “intentionally taken” from the zoo.

Local authorities have been called in to investigate as zoo employees found the habitat of the two monkeys had been forcibly entered.

The Dallas Zoo made headlines earlier this year when it reported that a clouded leopard was missing for several hours. The leopard, named Nova, was eventually located on the zoo’s grounds, but the police then reported that it believes the animal was intentionally let out of its habitat.

On top of that, one of the zoo’s endangered vultures had died. It’s believed that the vulture had died under “unusual” circumstances.

The Dallas Police Department confirmed that during their preliminary investigation it was found that the monkeys hadn’t escaped.

“Two monkeys are missing, and it is believed the animals were intentionally taken from the enclosure.”

The zoo isn’t the only one to be targeted. Business Insider reports that at a zoo in Louisiana on Saturday, 12 squirrel monkeys were also stolen.

Image credit: The New York Times

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