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Good Samaritan Gary McKee put his money where his mouth is when he decided to raise money for two charities by running every day for 365 consecutive days.

The 53-year-old wanted to raise awareness for one charity that offers support for cancer patients and their families, and another providing end-of-life care.

So, McKee set about running a marathon a day when he decided to take on the Three Six Five Challenge where participants have to run every single day for a year.

CNN reports that the year-long process meant he was exposed to all weather conditions, ranging from the UK’s hottest day on record in the summer to -10 degrees in the winter.

Because the northwest of England is known for more than average rainfall compared to the rest of the country, McKee’s running excursions often featured rain.

McKee told CNN that he drew his inspiration from those undergoing cancer treatment.

“When somebody would be walking out of a cancer ward, they would ring the bell to signify they had finished the treatment, and if they went outside and it was raining, they would say it’s the nicest rain they’d ever felt.”

Locals in the area joined in when they could with some running alongside him, others getting on their bikes to join him and several of them offering new running shoes, outfits, food and drink to get him through all the races.

McKee, who was bene nicknamed Marathon Man would have been able to set a new Guinness World Record, but he made it clear that he wanted the challenge to be about the charities and not about him, so the races were never officially counted.

Image credit: Sky News


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