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Famed British author Roald Dahl’s books have undergone a makeover to make them more suitable for modern audiences.

The changes were made by the author’s estate and publisher.

Changes include referencing the size of Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He is now described as “enormous” because the word “fat” has been removed from every book.

Mrs Twit from the Twits is only described as “beastly” and not “ugly and beastly” anymore. In Twits, the word “weird” has been removed so that it reads “an African language”, while a threat in the book Matilda went from “knock her flat” to “give her a right talking to”.

Colours have also undergone a makeover as The BFG’s coat is no longer referred to as black and Mary doesn’t go “white as a sheet” anymore, but “still as a statue”.

Some fans of the author have raved about the makeover and said they’re happy that the author’s work has moved with the times, while others are not impressed with the changes.

One of the people who aren’t happy with the changes is British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. He criticised the changes and through his spokesperson, he said works of fiction should be “preserved and not airbrushed”.

“When it comes to our rich and varied literary heritage, the prime minister agrees with the BFG that we shouldn’t gobblefunk around with words.”

Famous fiction writer Sir Salman Rushdie has also shared his disappointment with the changes.

“Roald Dahl was no angel but this is absurd censorship.”

Image credit: Vox

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