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Retired aircraft are usually bought for various different reasons ranging from flying for other airlines, being used for recycled parts or even for private use.

Now, a retired Boeing 737 is soon to become one of the most luxurious villas on the island of Bali.

Developer Felix Demin bought the aircraft from Mandala Airlines in 2021 hoping to make use of it as his private aircraft. But soon after he bought it, he realised that it could be transformed into a beautiful villa known as the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens.

The property will be open to the public in April and will feature two bedrooms and a pool. It will sit on top of a cliff overlooking Nyang-Nyang beach. The location is 150 metres above sea level.

Getting the aircraft to its final location was anything but easy. Demin told CNN that the Boeing team had to get involved.

“We had to take it apart after consulting with the Boeing team. We’ve loosened 50,000 bolts.”

CNN reports that the entire process took around two months of planning, while the actual transportation, which involved two cranes, a huge platform, various specialists and a police escort, lasted a total of five days.

“It was the most sleepless five days of my life,” Demin said.

It won’t be cheap though. One night will start at around $7,000 and that will only cover the basics.

Image credit: CNN

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