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City Power is on a roll. Johannesburg’s energy supplier has been cutting the electricity of buildings they say owe them money.

The Apartheid Museum is the latest building to sit in the dark. According to City Power, the museum owed R1.8 million in unpaid bills.

In total, City Power is owed R8.9 billion from buildings that refuse to pay their electricity bills.

As part of a week-long operation, City Power has teamed up with Reuven Service Delivery Centre (SDC). During the operation, the two entities aim to recover billions owed to it by both commercial and residential debtors.

The operation is currently taking place in Comptonville, Village Main Extension, Ormonde Extension 33 and Aeron. In these areas alone, they hope to retrieve R40 million of the R1.2 billion owed to City Power.

In a statement, City Power said the objective of the operation was to improve the profitability, performance and position of the entity to enable it to continue to repair and maintain its infrastructure and to provide essential services to the residents of Johannesburg.

“It’s important to reinforce the culture of paying for services that customers use in order for the entity to continue with day-to-day operations and to invest in implementing its future energy management strategies.”

Image credit: Times Live

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