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Come 1 January, South Africans will be introduced to much more than just a new year.

Government has announced new coins that will become legal tender on 1 January 2023. You will still be able to use your older coins until they’re eventually phased out.

While some of the changes aren’t that striking, others are. The new 50c coin will feature a loerie with outstretched wings. The new R5 coin has a whale theme to it.

The 10c coin will feature a Cape Honey Bee while the current King Protea on the 20c will be replaced by aloes. The King Protea won’t be lost for good as it will replace the Springbok on the R1 coin. That’s because the Springbok will now feature on the new R2 coin.

The images aren’t the only change on the horison.

Business Insider reports that in order to reflect every official language in the currency, the “South Africa” imprint appears multiple times in different languages on some of the coins: Three on the R5 coin, one on the R1 coin, and two on each of the R2, 50c, 20c, and 10c coins.

Image credit: YouTube

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