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A British man on holiday in France managed to catch the world’s biggest goldfish.

Andy Hackett is a company director from Worcestershire in England.

He caught the massive orange specimen after it was put in a lake at a fishery in France more than 20 years ago. The lake is located in the Bluewater Lakes area in Champagne, France.

The fish was nicknamed ‘The Carrot’ and it took Hackett over 25 minutes to reel it in. It weighed a whopping 30.5 kilograms once the fish eventually made it onto the scale.

It’s believed The Carrot is a hybrid species and a combination of a leather carp and a koi carp. Both these fish are traditionally orange.

The former record holder was a 15-kilogram carp, also bright orange, caught by Italian Raphael Biagini in 2019. This was also in France but it’s not clear whether it was caught in the exact same area as The Carrot.

Image credit: People

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