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With green spaces in high demand in the city of Singapore, a developer has decided to make the most of the skyscraper its developing.

The CapitaSpring tower is situated in downtown Singapore. At 280 metres high, it’s one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers.

On street level, visitors can enter the building and take the elevator up to the Green Oasis. It’s a spiral path that winds past exercise equipment, benches and tables on its journey through four stories of tropical flora, reports CNN.

While the building is mostly rented to corporate tenants, the city requires all buildings to offer more than just office space.

Above the Green Oasis, there’s a 418-square-metre rooftop farm. Visitors can visit the farm or one of the three restaurants located there. The farm supplies fruits, herbs, edible flowers and vegetables to the restaurants.

CNN reports in total, the 51-story building houses over 80,000 trees and plants across 90,000 square feet (8,361 square metres) of landscaped area, which also includes a shady covered plaza at its base.

In order to build the CapitaSpring, a cooked food market had to be demolished. The market was popular and had been there since the 1980s. After four years of construction, the skyscraper has opened a 56-stall hawker centre on the building’s second and third floor.

Image credit: Confirm Good

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