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A great white shark has managed to photobomb a surfer while he was competing.

During a surf contest in California, a photographer took photos of the surfers as they competed. While taking photos of surfer Tyler Warren, a great white shark jumped in the air behind Warren.

The photographer, Jordan Anast, managed to capture the moment just in time.

Anast told CNN that he had taken many photos of surfers over the year and often dolphins can be seen in the background. Because he was focusing on the surfer, he thought it might have been just another dolphin.

It wasn’t until he looked closely at the photo that he realised the structures of the fins weren’t like those of dolphins and realised that it was a great white shark.

CNN reports that Anast captured a total of six images of the great white shark breaching. He attributed the once-in-a-lifetime shot to a combination of luck and his 400-millimetre telephoto lens, which he typically uses for photographing sporting events from afar.

The photo managed to do the rounds on social media as users have shared it far and wide.

Image credit: CNN

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