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Blue Twitter Tick Charge Could Create Havoc

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, he obviously had big plans for the company. The figures weren’t looking too great to start with, in fact the company hasn’t made a profit in several years. So, Musk being the super successful entrepreneur that he is, decided to start making money,

One of his ideas to make more money is to start charging people with blue ticks next to their names money for it. This was announced by Musk in a, yes… you guessed it, a Tweet: “We need to pay the bills somehow.”

Twitter is a very popular platform for celebs, politicians, and everyday folk. It has a core user base of about 300 million per month, yet the company isn’t making money.

The blue tick next to a user’s name is a verified badge for those users with a certain number of followers. Once verified, those users see less ads than the average user.

Musk Tweeted that he plans to charge $8 a month for that magic blue tick. While it might mean a steady income that hasn’t been tapped into before, many fear Twitter might lose its magic.

One of those people is Brandon Borrman, a former employee.

He told the BBC that “if charging for the blue tick was the fairest way to do it, I think Twitter probably would have done it a while ago.”

Image credit: ZD Net

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