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There are some things you just can’t make up and the spelling of the word school in front of a school is one of them.

The City of Cape Town’s municipality had to act fast when social media users spread the word that the word ‘school’ painted on the road surface in front of a school in Blomvlei Road, Hanover Park was misspelt.

A photo of the word ‘SHCOOL’ did the rounds on social media with South Africans acting in a typical humorous way.

One user said it was “definitely done on a Monday morning before coffee break” while another said, “They only had 1 job”.

The various posts led to the City also commenting on the matter.

“It is unfortunate that the City’s contractor made a spelling mistake with the word ‘School’ in Blomvlei Road in Hanover Park. The company was instructed this morning to immediately correct this, as well as any other signs in the vicinity that may have the same errors.”

The contractor has been instructed to investigate whether other words were also misspelt and to correct them immediately.

Image credit: KossyDerrickEnt

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