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A pocket watch that was recovered from the wreck of the Titanic has been sold for R2 million.

It was sold by the auction house henry Aldridge & Sons in Devizes. The auction house is well-known for selling memorabilia from the Titanic.

The watch belonged to Oscar Scott Woody, a postal clerk aboard the ship. The watch was recovered from the ocean to Woody’s wife Leila in May 1912.

What makes the watch so special is that it froze at the time when Woody drowned in the cold North Atlantic Ocean at the time when the ship sank on 14 April 1912.

Other items related to the Titanic were also auctioned off at the same auction. This included a first-class menu with ‘plover on toast’ as a listed item. The menu sold for just over R1 million.

A list containing the names of all the first-class passengers sold for R841 000. The list was originally owned by George Brereton. It’s said that Brereton was a gambler who went aboard transatlantic liners to try and earn money.

Image credit: Luxury Launches

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