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Ellinikon International Airport was once a very busy port of entry in the city of Athens.

In 2001 it was closed down and has been empty since then. Now, the airport is set to be transformed into a massive coastal park. It’s anticipated that it will be bigger than Hyde Park in London.

Ellinikon Metropolitan Park will consist of a park, a playground and a cultural centre for the people of Athens.

Sasaki, the firm responsible for the transformation, is known for its landscape architecture and urban design. Michael Grove from Sasaki has said that locals were “frustrated that this was an empty piece of important public land for 20 years”.

Not all of the airport’s history will be wiped out. The terminal hall which was built in the 1960s will stay and the massive runway light poles will also be used. There is currently almost 28,000 square metres of concrete and tarmac from runways that will be repurposed to build benches, paving and other uses.

Grove said the Ellinikon will have something for everyone.

“There will be sculpture parks, sports centres, open-air theatres, food and drink venues, and a public beach. With 50 kilometres of walking paths and 30 kilometres of cycle lanes, Athenians will be able to actively explore the area and engage with nature.”

Image credit: CNN

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