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A castle in the beautiful Shetland area of Scotland is for sale. The price, a very affordable R737,000 seems almost too good to be true.

That’s because it is. While the asking price is really attractive, you’ll have to dig deep… Really deep, into your pockets to afford renovations.

The property is just over 200 years old and it is located on the island of Fetlar where only 61 other people live. It has folly towers, a courtyard, walled gardens and a renovation bill of almost R300 million.

According to the BBC, the Brough Lodge Trust – which was formed in 1998 to preserve the building – has appealed for a “philanthropic entrepreneur” to take on its plans to transform the site into a world-class retreat.

The trust has proposed to retain the existing building while adding 24 bedrooms and a restaurant.

It has been empty since the 1980s when the last lady of the castle moved out. Lady Nicolson transferred ownership of the estate to the trust in 2007. She is also one of the trustees.

The idea behind the renovations is to bring tourism to the island of Fetlar. It could also mean the creation of 14 jobs.

It’s not clear how many offers have been received, if any.

Image credit: CNN

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