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New Delhi is known for many wonderful things, but unfortunately, it’s also known for being one of the world’s most polluted cities.

Officials are now turning to filtration towers to attempt to clear the city’s air of pollution.

The towers were designed by a husband-and-wife team who say their fan-powered devices can clean air within a radius of up to 500 metres in enclosed spaces.

Although the towers aren’t as effective in open spaces compared to those in enclosed spaces, they can still clean air within a radius of up to 350 metres. It all depends on wind speed and how open the surroundings are.

The first tower was installed in a public space and its ability to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide and dangerous fine particles. The data collected shows that it filters 600,000 cubic metres of air a day. That would be equivalent to the volume of 273 hot air balloons.

The architects behind the towers told CNN that their main business isn’t air filtration, but they were shocked at the low levels of air quality when they moved to New Delhi from London.

“Our core business is architecture – we didn’t want to get into air purification. But the pollution here was just not acceptable. It’s very bad.”

Image credit: CNN

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