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Dr Joseph Dituri lived underwater for 74 days and it’s all in the name of research.

Dituri broke the record while living underwater at ambient pressure at a scuba divers lodge in the Florida Keyes.

His daily routine consisted of a protein-heavy meal of salmon and eggs that he cooked in a microwave. He made sure he exercised using resistance bands and also did his daily push-ups. Dituri also made sure to take an hour-long nap every day.

On his 74th day, he took to Twitter to share the news.

“Today I broke the world record for living underwater. The curiosity for discovery has led me here. My goal from day one has been to inspire generations to come, interview scientists who study life undersea and learn how the human body functions in extreme environments.”

Dituri broke the previous record set by two Tennessee professors, Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain. They managed to live underwater for 73 days, two hours and 34 minutes.

Although he has set a new world record, Dituri isn’t about to resurface just yet. He plans to stay underwater for another few days until he reaches the 100 days mark.

Image credit: India TV News

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