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What’s a circus without wild animals? Even better than the real thing because no animals are harmed.

That’s the reasoning behind a German circus’ decision to stop using wild animals in its shows. They made up for it better than anyone could’ve ever imagined by using modern technology.

Circus Roncalli started using holograms back in 2019 already and they’ve been delighting their audiences with a far less cruel reaction.

To make the holograms come to life, the circus has teamed up with a company that uses a specific kind of technology that works well inside large arenas like a circus tent. In the case of Circus Roncalli, 11 laser projectors are placed around the centre ring and assist in making the animals come to life.

Elephants aren’t the only animals showcased in the 360-degree 3D show. The performance also features giant horses and fish.

Nerdist reports that the lack of real elephants, a staple of the show for far too long, doesn’t detract from the experience though. The holograms create a different type of visual feast, but one that’s stunning in its own unique way.

Circus Roncalli is still very popular and could very well be the way forward for the circuses of the future.

Image credit: National Geographic

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