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Travelling without your beloved four-legged children can be devastating. Knowing that your pet will have to travel in the plane’s cargo is even worst, especially if it’s a large dog.

People have always loved to take their animals on holiday with them, but nowadays that need has increased so much that one company in the United Kingdom saw the gap in the market and launched K9 Jets.

The airline’s sister company flew more than 100 pets and their owners on private jets in one year and soon realised that they need to focus on the idea.

According to their website, K9 Jets provides an on-demand, pay-per-seat private jet charter for pets. They believe that when you fly, you shouldn’t leave a key family member in cargo.

Your dog can sit next to you on the ground or on your lap. If you prefer, you can even book a seat for your pooch or cat.

Thanks to this innovative thinking, your pets can be by your side in the cabin of a luxury private jet.

The rich and famous have been doing it for ages, why shouldn’t we be able to? Well, their seat prices are set at a specific rate and include snacks and drinks for both humans and their pets. And it’s not cheap.

Image credit: The Mirror

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