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The remains of a 65-year-old fisherman were found inside a crocodile in Queensland, Australia.

Kevin Darmody was last seen fishing at Kennedy’s Bend. The area is a well-known saltwater crocodile habitat. It lies within a remote part of northern Queensland.

At the time, the fishermen with Darmody didn’t see the attack. They reported hearing him scream and then a loud splash followed.

Darmody’s friend, John Peiti told the local news outlet that he “raced down… but there was no sign of him, just his thongs on the bank and nothing else”.

After searching for two days, authorities decided to euthanise two large crocodiles in the immediate area.

Human body parts were found inside one of the crocodiles, but police believe both of the reptiles were involved in the attack.

One of the crocodiles measured 4.1 meters while the other one measured 2.8 metres in length.

The BBC reports that since a ban on hunting in 1974, Queensland’s crocodile population has rebounded from a low of some 5,000 animals to around 30,000 today. A 2019 report suggested an average of 1.7 adult crocs living in each kilometre of the river surveyed.

Image credit: BBC

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