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Plane spotters all over the world usually find themselves next to airports in settings that aren’t always that ideal.

These usually include their own cars, restaurants or benches.

Now, plane spotters at Tokyo Haneda International Airport, and other visitors, can watch planes take off and land while sitting in a heated pool with views of Mount Fuji.

The Hotel Villa Fontaine Premier & Grand Haneda Airport offers 1,717 rooms. The hotel is connected to the airport’s terminal 3.

The hotel caters for anyone and everyone. Besides the rooftop bar and hot spring, visitors can also enjoy the in-house spa, a large event hall, a gym, restaurants and kid-friendly suites.

The idea behind the hotel’s offerings is to encourage those with long layovers at the airport, to rather stay over than just sit around and wait for hours on end.

The hotel forms part of the Haneda Airport Garden, a multipurpose commercial facility and bus terminal. The complex offers 74 stores spread across two floors and everything you can buy there is tax-free.

Japan hopes to increase the number of tourists to the country after Covid. The country relies heavily on tourism and is currently on a mission to get the number of tourists visiting the country back to where it was before the pandemic.

Image credit: HVF

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