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A mother from Argentina was unable to tell her identical twin boys apart after she accidentally removed the ribbon that told them apart.

Sofie Rodriguez took to Twitter to share her story saying “I win the award for Mother of the Year”.

When she realised her mistake, she phoned the police for help. They offered to take the twins’ fingerprints to help tell them apart.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help at all as the police couldn’t tell them from their fingerprints either because they weren’t in the system. Sofie also went to the hospital where they were born, but they couldn’t tell them apart either.

During this time Sophie said they didn’t know who was who and it could be that one of the twins were vaccinate twice by doctors.

Sofie eventually enlisted the help of a local government agency. The received assistance and was able to put the ribbon back on the right baby.

On Twitter, Sophie said: “I’m never taking the ribbon off again.”

Image credit: News Center Maine

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