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It’s not every day that those living in suburban bliss stand united with sex workers, but that’s exactly what happened when the people from Amsterdam reacted during a meeting in the south of the city.

Amsterdam’s mayor announced a controversial plan to move the city’s red light district, known for its legal prostitution, to a suburban area. The plan is to have a united erotic centre to combat the overcrowding problem currently experienced by the city’s centre.

The city of Amsterdam is hard at work to try and shed its negative image as a city where rules can be broken. The city is known for drunken stag parties and international tourists are often found drunk or high and breaking the law.

Local sex workers are scared that they’ll be victimised if their area of work is moved somewhere else other than the red light district.

A local sex worker known as Michelle, told AFP that they feel safe in the red light district which has been known to be a centre for legal prostitution since the 16th century.

“It’s very safe here, very well organised, why fix something that isn’t broken?”

Plans to move the red light district will be finalised by the end of 2023.

Image credit: CNN

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