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A South African pilot who had to make an emergency landing when he noticed a deadly snake on board his plane, has said that the snake in question has still not been found.

Rudolf Erasmus was flying from Bloemfontein to Tshwane on 3 April when he felt something cold against his hip. At first, he thought it was his water bottle leaking, but when he turned around he noticed that it was in fact a Cape Cobra.

Erasmus alerted his passengers of the snake on board and then proceeded to land the aircraft.

The 30-year-old pilot from Nelspruit told News24 that initially, he wasn’t sure about telling his passengers there was a snake on board because he didn’t know how they’d react, but luckily, the passengers remained calm and did not panic until he landed safely.

Before his first flight of the day, the ground staff in Worcester warned Erasmus that they noticed a snake on the plane. They searched for the snake, but when they couldn’t find anything Erasmus decided to take off. On his second flight of the day, he noticed the Cape Cobra.

When they landed at Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, a snake handler was called in. By the time the snake handler arrived, the snake got away again.

This week, Erasmus shared the news that they never found the snake and they believe it has gotten off the plane at Wonderboom.

Image credit: Newsweek

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