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Three thieves broke into a shop in the city of Huancayo in Peru. They must have thought they got the steal of the year when they managed to load more than 200 trainers and get away with it.

What they didn’t realise is that they were 200 trainers, not 200 pairs of trainers.

According to the shop owner, it’s estimated that the trainers have a value of more than R230,000. But the thieves will probably struggle to sell them as they’re only for the right foot.

Video footage shows the three people as they steal the trainers, it has been shared on social media with the hope that they’ll be caught. Fingerprints have also been found on the scene and local police are positive that the three thieves will be caught soon.

The news of the robbery has gone viral. Not because of the value of the sneakers that have been stolen, but because people have been wondering what the thieves are going to do with all the single sneakers.

Suddenly the market for left-foot amputees has become so much more accessible.

Image credit: New York Post

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