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Feel like watching a movie… or 10? Imagine getting paid to do it.

That’s exactly what FinanceBuzz is offering one lucky person. The informational site offers money-related tips and recommendations, but this time they’re offering something way more fun than finance tips.

The website is looking for a person to watch every movie in the Fast And The Furious franchise. The person will be required to watch all 10 movies in two weeks while getting paid $1,000.

The lucky person will even get a title: Fast And The Furious Claims Adjuster.

There will be some work involved. The claims adjuster will be asked to track damages from every single car crash that occurs in each film. This includes the latest instalment, Fast X which will be released this month.

The claims adjuster will be expected to note every car crash that results in damage, the extent of the damage and what cars are involved. They will also have to indicate whether the number of on-screen wrecks has increased or decreased over the series’ history.

In a news release, the website said as a bonus, the lucky person will get a “healthy education about the value of family”, referring to the franchise’s famous theme.

Unfortunately, only people based in the United States can enter.

Image credit: Men’s Health

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