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Some weird things have been discovered in the woods over the years. Many are too weird or scary to mention.

But the people of New Jersey in the United States recently had a good laugh when someone discovered more than 250 kilograms of uncooked pasta in the Old Bridge area.

Nina Jochnowitz discovered the illegal dumping of the uncooked pasta in Veterans Park and shared the photos on Facebook:

“The Mayor and his (posse) continue to ignore the Sixth Ward. No surprise when we see the dumping of construction and other garbage spewed in all of the neighbourhoods. This week, there was a new type of dumping, of excessive food, PASTA.”

The photos clearly show different types of pasta including spaghetti, ziti and elbow macaroni strewn across the vegetation.

It seems as if someone took uncooked pasta by the wheelbarrow load and simply dumped it illegally in the woods.

Although it’s just pasta and it’s just a local park, the post soon went viral and appeared on TikTok, Twitter and even Reddit.

Funny comments followed within minutes of sharing the photos.

On Twitter, @worrystonee said: “Someone very mysteriously dumped 3-400 pounds of pasta in the woods in old bridge, nj ….. i need to know everything”.

Other comments on a local group in New Jersey included “we should send the perpetrators to the state penne tentiary” and “it was pasta expiration date”.

Although it’s still not clear who dumped the uncooked pasta, it took city officials less than two hours to clean it up.

Image credit: Yahoo News

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