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The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) launched the new R100 banknote only last week.

Now it has been revealed that there is a spelling mistake on it after the new note caused a stir among some of the Xitsonga speakers in the country.

They noticed the spelling change from ‘Bangi-Nkulu’ to ‘Bangi Kulu’,

With the change highlighted, some Xitsonga speakers say the previous version had the spelling mistake and that it has now been corrected, while others believe it was correct before and has now been changed incorrectly.

The Pan South African Language Board, the authority responsible for the translation, agrees with the latter.

A spokesperson said that the extra n is only used when referring to a person and not an institution.

BusinessInsider reports that there is a Xitsonga dialect spoken in the Malumele area in the Limpopo province which doesn’t use the n – even when it is supposed to be used – but other Xitsonga-speaking communities disagree with the change.

The new R100 note has been adorned with a new design and brand-new security features.

Image credit: South African

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